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Common Spanish Expressions
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Here’s a dictionary of some of the most deceptive expressions in Spanish.
It’s an extension of the original Spanish Beyond the Dictionary,

It’s a dictionary of Spanish words and expressions I call Comprehension Killers.

Their meanings are deceptive. They can trick you. And that makes it hard when you’re trying to keep up with a Spanish conversation.

If you miss their meaning you have to play catch up in the conversation, which isn’t easy if Spanish is flying by fast.

I’ve been collecting these expressions for a while now. I started doing it to help me understand the Spanish I was hearing around me.

I always made a point of distinguishing between once in a blue moon expressions and the frequently used ones.

The ones in this dictionary are common. Yet, you can easily miss them. That is until I point them out to you. Then, you’ll start hearing them all over the place.

You’ll hear them on the streets, in the bars and cafes and all the time when Spanish speakers chat among themselves…

Yet, they are often left out of regular dictionaries and textbooks.

That’s why this tool is a handy addition to your repertoire. It’ll help you understand more of what people say to you.

It’s yours gratis on the link below.

Click here to Get Spanish Beyond the Dictionary Volume Two

If you missed the original Spanish Beyond The Dictionary, mini dictionary
It’s still available on this page:

Click here to Get Spanish Beyond the Dictionary Volume One

Remember these expressions are often invisible until someone points them out. Enjoy them, and have fun noticing how often they show up. They’ll help you understand more clearly what people say to you.


Marcus Santamaria

64 more Spanish comprehension killers.
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Here’s an extension of the Spanish Beyond the Dictionary, dictionary.

Even though you’ll hear these collocations on the streets, in the bars and cafes and all the time when Spanish speakers chat among themselves…

They can be invisible to non-native Spanish speakers.

That is until someone points them out. Then all of a sudden you start noticing them all over the place.

How about that? I just used one.

All over the place is an English collocation. In Spanish it is por todos lados.(that one and 63 more are included in Spanish beyond the Dictionary dos)

Understand more Spanish by adding 63 Comprehension Killers that Spanish speakers use all the time to your repertoire:

Click here for your copy of Spanish Beyond the Dictionary Volume Two

Life-Changing Spanish
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Most of my students are over 40 and many in their 70s and 80s. So, it was a pleasant surprise to hear from this young man. He’s about to use his Spanish ability for a new adventure. Here’s Young Joseph’s story:

Hola Marcus

I have been a student of your Shortcut to Spanish courses, Synergy Spanish, the Informal Spanish discs and Spanish Ear Training for about four years now. and I just want to let you know how much it has changed my life.

I started my Spanish learning journey when I was just at the young age of 15. I came across your program on the internet (Shortcut to Spanish 1) and I knew it would work for me! So I ordered it and just fell in love with it. I learned and retained information so quickly. And after that, I later purchased the courses that I listed above.

I am almost 19 years old now and it honors me to tell you that I have become quite fluent in Spanish. I live in Southern Arizona so there are so many opportunities for me to utilize my Spanish each day. And oh how it has changed my life. Its one of the best things I have ever done w/ my life so far, and I owe it all to you.

I respect you and commend you highly for all that you do. And I consider it a blessing that I was able to be one of your students for these past four years.

In fact, in a few weeks I will be departing on a two year mission for my church. I am going to be a missionary in the country of Ecuador! It was my choice whether to serve a mission or not, but I had no say as to where I would be assigned. I was overcome with excitement when I found out that it would be Ecuador, and that I would be speaking nothing but Spanish for two years! I am grateful and feel so blessed that my extensive knowledge of the language will serve as a huge help and advantage for me while I am there.

I know that I have never met you in person, but I am honored to say that you are someone who has been a wonderful help and influence in my life.

Gracias por todo lo que hace. Usted tiene regalo maravilloso de Dios. Le deseo lo mejor con todo.

Hasta la proxima vez

Joseph Nelson

Hi Joey

Most of my students are a lot older than you, so it’s great to hear from someone so young with everything in front of them. I’m sure you’ll go on to make a great contribution to humanity with your Spanish skills. I am glad to given you some help along the way.

I do feel my teaching abilities are a gift and appreciate very much your comments.



A Great Idea
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I have always wanted something like this to offer you, and now someone else has created it… and made it free.

Best of all, it’s a great tool for understanding more of what people say to you.

You know, having a good vocabulary goes a long way to understanding more Spanish, especially when your friends speak fast. The trouble is most books have words listed by themes. If you are not careful, you can learn a bunch of words you’ll hardly ever use.

It’s very common that people learn word in lists. They know how to say in Spanish things like bobby pin, headband and hairclip. The trouble is that unless you’re a hairstylist those words won’t get you very far.

Instead, it’s much better to learn the most frequently used words first. You see, studies have shown that as few as 100 words are used in 50% of all Spanish communication

That’s why in Shortcut to Spanish, as well as over 3000 instant Spanish words, I also built in the 100 most common words.

Likewise, in Synergy Spanish you can learn to combine Synergy Verbs with Brick and Mortar Words to make as many as 88,000 phrases from just 138 words.

High frequency Spanish words are great for your listening and reading skills as well.

Learn the 1000 most common words and you’ll make a lot more sense out of the Spanish you read and hear… Even when people speak fast.

I have often thought about creating a product to teach the 1000 most common Spanish words as quickly as possible.

Well it looks like someone has beat me to it and done it very well.

Plus, they are giving it away.

Yes, I just found a piece of software that makes it easy to learn the 1000 most common Spanish words, y es gratis.

Click here to download Wordgalore software and start learning the 1000 most common Spanish words. (3.5MB)

or you can get the big daddy

Get the Wordsgalore badboy version with 9100 Spanish word audio file.

Here’s where it comes from Wordgalore if you want to thank the author.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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