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Move Spanish to the Next Level
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Marcus here with a Spanish Beyond the Textbook tip for you.

It’s official I have become my dad.

Well actually my mom.

In the morning getting ready for school I used to hear my mom say, “get a wriggle on”


“Get a move on”.

Now my daughter has hit the age when it takes forever to get ready. Why get ready for school when you can stop and look at the doll, the toy or the book.

Kids, God bless them. They teach us how to approach life without stress, while they are giving us all the stress.

As for me, I think it’s important to be on time. So now I channel my mom and yell, “Get a move on will you”.

But my wife always speaks to the kids in Spanish and she says, “MuĂ©vete”

Literally, move yourself, but it really implies, hurry up. It’s also a good way to say, get a move on or like my dear mom used to say, “get a wriggle on”.

I write lessons with these kinds of expressions almost everyday. You see, as well as creating lessons for beginners, I also create lessons for an elite group of students. They are in a group I don’t publicize. I only make the lessons available to graduates of my Bola de Nieve program.

I am thinking of opening a few positions for general release. This won’t be for everyone; if you can’t already hold a conversation in
Spanish this is not the program for you. But if you already enjoy conversational Spanish and want to take it to new heights this could
be just what you need.

If you’d like me to send you information about Advanced Concepts Intensive, go to this page:

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