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Rant in Spanish like a millionaire
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One of the best and highest paid soccer players in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal.

Recently he was complaining that opposition players always hack him down with fouls. According to Ronaldo he gets no protection from the referees while other players are carefully watch after.

Then he added, “por ser rico por ser guapo por ser un gran jugador las personas tienen envidia de mi. No tiene otra explicación”


“For being rich, for being handsome, for being a great player the people are jealous of me. It has no other explanation.”

Well, he’s definitely a great player. And he’s rich, last year Real Madrid paid him more than one million Euros per month. (USD$1.35 million)

Is he really as handsome as he thinks? Judge for yourself here:

Let me know what you think of el galán (the handsome young man).

Click here for a Transcript and Translation of What Ronaldo said.

If you found Ronaldo hard to understand, no te preocupes, don’t be worried. He does have a strong Portuguese accent. Plus he’s definitely in a grumbling mood and as a consequence mumbling his words.

If you find all Spanish speakers hard to understand, check out Spanish Ear Training. It’s a program especially designed to tune up your ear for understanding fast paced spoken Spanish.

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