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Faster Spanish Lesson Download
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A faster way to download my Spanish lesson.

Some people mentioned that they had trouble downloading the Bonus Spanish Lesson. You may remember on the page we had MP3 players so you could play the Spanish lessons online.

Looks like those players slow down the download, so here’s some direct links that will let you download the lessons more quickly.


Marcus Santamaria

Download Track 1 – Tengo Sueño, Estoy cansado
Download Track 2 – Sueño Hecho realidad
Download Track 3 – Sueña Con Los Angelitos
Download Track 4 – Me Despierto y Me Levanto
Download Track 5 – Camas Gemelas
Download Track 6 – Me Duermo

Free Spanish Lesson
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Bonus Spanish Lesson

Sueños – all about being tired, going to bed, dreams etc.

I’ve actually been working on ideas for an audio newsletter for a long time. I’ve researched and written a lot material. In fact, I’ve even recorded several unreleased sessions.

The sessions were created before I developed the final format for my Spanish Ear Training program.

In Spanish Ear Training, I have two main focuses.

1. To build your ear to keep up with the speed of Spanish.

2. To expand your understanding of how your Spanish speaking friends use their language.

Even though I have a lot of similar lessons in Spanish Ear Training, these lessons didn’t fit into the final themes in that program.

Yet, they are still really helpful lessons. So I decided the best thing to do with them is to share them with you.

I hope you enjoy them, let me know by leaving a comment here on the blog.

Let’s get started, in this lesson you’ll learn many ways to talk about sleeping, being tired, and going to bed..

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